International Master Instructor, Maria Jammal, founded Miami Raks Sharki with a vision to bring an authentic Middle Eastern dance experience to South Florida.  For over 30 years, Maria has been teaching students about the technique, culture, and traditions of Middle Eastern Dance.


With a team of award-winning instructors, Miami Raks Sharki prides itself in teaching the many diverse styles of Middle Eastern Dance.  Join our classes to learn to dance styles such as Saidi, Dabke, Khaligi and more.  We will challenge you to take your dance to the next level!

Maria Jammal

International Master Instructor & Artistic Director

Maria's classes are intense, high energy, and oriented towards perfecting proper technique. This International Master Instructor is sought after by students, professional dancers, and many musical artists for her dynamic choreographies.


Born and raised in Morocco, Maria is fluent in Arabic culture, customs, traditions & language.  With a foundation in classical dance, she trained and performed ballet in Paris for over 15 years.  She has owned several belly dance studios in Morocco, Canada, and Miami where she is one of the most popular & respected teachers. Some of her students include Bozenka, Samay, Hanan, Virginia, and Amar Gamal, among many others.  A unique vibrant dancer with a natural interpretation of the music, she has danced for both the Rothschild and Saudi Arabian Royal families.  Maria has also performed in several films and television programs, in both Morocco and various Arabic countries.  Her impressive career encompasses performances and workshops around the world in Geneva, Paris, Canada, Luxembourg, Cairo, Morocco, England, Japan, Spain and all over the United States.


nEJMA, Instructor

Nejma is an award-winning dance artist & certified instructor.  With a love for Egyptian Folkloric dance, her style focuses on the authenticity of Middle Eastern Dance (Raks Sharki).


In 2006, she began her belly dance training at Miami Dade Community College with a desire to learn more about Middle Eastern dance, its history, & culture.  Continuing her dance education, she enrolled in the Middle Eastern Culture & Arts program in 2008, at Miami Dade College with International Instructor & Director, Samay. In 2012, she began training with International Master Instructor, Maria Jammal.


Nejma’s Awards & Achievements:

2017   3rd Place Professional Oriental Category – River City Raqs

2015   Finalist Rising Star Competition – Miami Bellydance Convention

2015   1st Runner-up Yellow Rose of Texas Cabaret Style, Rising Star Competition – Yaa Halla Y’all

2014   1st Runner-up Magic of Bellydance Master Awards Rising Star Competition


Teacher Training:

2016 Int’l Instructor Sadie Marquaerdt's Certification Raqs Flow Level 1 Belly dance training

2013 Int’l Master Instructor Maria Jammal's  Teacher Certification for Beginner’s Belly Dance

Nicole, Instructor

Nicole is an award-winning, international dance artist and certified instructor.  She fell in love with bellydance from the first moment she took her first class. She was immediately drawn to its exotic sounds, shiny hip scarves and colorful veils!


In 2008 Nicole began taking classes with Master Instructor, Maria Jammal and was able to develop into the artist she is today.  Nicole’s goal is to maintain the art at its purest essence by following the Egyptian style she admires.  Natural and elegant expressions are at the core of her dance.  Her joyous and contagious energy has filled cultural centers, private events, and highly recognized festivals within the U.S. & The Dominican Republic.


Nicole’s Awards & Achievements:

2012   Winner of People’s Choice Award - Rakstar

2012   3rd Place Starlette Category - Rakstar

2012   Finalist Professional Category - Miami Bellydance Convention

2012   1st Runner up Raqia Hassan Master Competition


Teacher Training:

2012 Master Instructor, Maria Jammal's Teacher Certification for Beginner’s Belly Dance



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